Top 5 Things You Can Do

  1. Encourage students to make an individual counseling appointment with an alcohol and drug counselor. Generally students benefit from individualized information from our staff. To make an appointment the student can call (805) 893-5013.
  2. Encourage students to volunteer for a group program like CASE. Students usually enjoy the group process and graduate with important skills to manage their alcohol/drug use.
    • To sign up for a CASE, the student needs to show up for an Brief Assessment. Here, they can talk to a counselor about which group would suit their needs. Intake sessions occur Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00-9:45am in Embarcadero Hall (2nd floor).
  3. Call the Alcohol & Drug Program general line and ask to speak to a counselor for personalized advice. You may have a student who you are concerned about, but you’re unsure what to do next. Call (805) 893-5013.
  4. Refer students to the Life of the Party website and Facebook page. This information is great for students who need a tips on how to party safe.
  5. Refer students to the Recovery Support Services. This program is available to students who might need help or support if they are in recovery or thinking about recovery.  We have both professional and peer counseling staff available for students, as well as a student 12-Step Group offered in the evenings