Warning Signs

The following are warning signs that a student may have an alcohol and/or drug problem or is at risk of developing one:

  • Cuts classes/drops a class/comes to class late
  • Frequently arrives late for work
  • Makes excuses for poor performance or missing classes
  • Frequently requests extensions/turns in work late or not at all
  • Dramatic decline in academic performance
  • Comes to class with a hangover or high
  • Changes in personality; shifts in moods or emotions
  • Brags about their alcohol or other drug use; conversations are frequently about using
  • Cannot seem to have fun without drinking or using other drugs
  • Loss of motivation or energy
  • Experiences frequent health problems (illness, injury)
  • Spends most of his or her money on drugs or alcohol
  • Frequently passes out or suffers blackouts while drinking
  • Changes in appearance
  • Frequent problems with law enforcement or University authorities (e.g., University Police Department, residence hall staff)