The UCSB Student Health Alcohol & Drug Program (ADP) is dedicated to providing all students with a free, confidential and safe place to discuss anything related to substance use and/or other addictive behaviors. Staffed by licensed behavioral health therapists and prevention specialists, ADP offers a safe, healthy, and learning-conducive environment through the promotion of healthy choices regarding the use of alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs. The program utilizes evidence-based, harm-reduction strategies and focuses on reducing high-risk behavior and encouraging personal and community safety and responsibility.

ADP works in collaboration with students, staff, faculty and local community partners to promote a healthy and safe environment by:

  • Offering free and confidential counseling for students
  • Integrating environmental prevention strategies including alcohol-free social programming
  • Promoting a recovery-informed campus and community
  • Informing students, staff and faculty about UCSB Substance Use Policies, including laws, ordinances, sanctions for policy violations and supportive programs and resources.
  • Providing campus and community members with current, timely and relevant safety information

ADP is aligned with the UCSB Division of Student Affairs strategic priorities

  1. Strengthen academic partnerships
  2. Foster a safe, healthy and supportive learning community
  3. Advance access, equity and inclusion
  4. Maximize the potential in students and staff 
  5. Invest in our future (budget, technology, staff and space)