UCSB Alcohol and Drug Program hopes everyone stays healthy and safe.

The UCSB Alcohol and Drug Program offices at Embarcadero Hall are closed but counseling, education and support are available via telehealth. UCSB Student Health is open and services are available with COVID-19 safety strategies in place. Please visit Student Health website for more details  

- Telehealth Counseling and supportive appointments are available either by phone or zoom. To receive general information or make an appointment, please contact us at (805) 893-5013 or email us at adp@sa.ucsb.edu  . We are here to help you in whatever way we can.

NEW FOR 2020-2021 ACADEMIC YEAR: ADP launched a new educational webinar series called “IT’S A SCIENCE” that will offer students a chance to learn more about the science and research involved in behaviors we engage in and why...sometimes things go well...sometimes they don’t….why is this? How can science help guide us to keep ourselves safe and healthy? Get the schedule for each unique workshop and registration links by clicking on our WORKSHOPS tab up above or going to adp.sa.ucsb.edu/workshops.

For specific information regarding Gauchos For Recovery services and ongoing meetings, please visit GFR website 





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