If you are concerned that someone is experiencing a medical emergency, please CALL 911.

If you have NALOXONE, please use it now. 

Stay calm and know that you are doing the right thing. One call could be the one that saves someone's life. Just Call 911 Quick Reference Guide. The UCSB Responsible Action Protocol, (see page 6 of the Student Code of Conduct) is similar to the California Good Samaritan Law and protects students who make a call on behalf of themselves or someone needing assistance.

Safety Information

Try to avoid using alone. If you have to use alone, ask someone to be on the phone with you. Call the hotline "Never Use Alone" (800) 484-3731. Someone will stay on the line with you while you use and will notify emergency services if you do not respond after a set amount of time.

Keep a supply of Naloxone and let others know where it is - The Alcohol & Drug Program is offering Naloxone kits free and confidential through Gauchos For Recovery.