Do you want to promote a safer and healthier lifestyle in Isla Vista? Are you looking to gain volunteer hours, get a job, boost your resume, and gain event planning and marketing skills? Then join us, and become a Life of the Party Peer!

Volunteer Opportunities

We have had many volunteers work with us at UCSB concerts, the annual Torchon Memorial Dodgeball Tournament, and so much more! We love giving students the opportunity to get involved with LOTP.

While quarantine and social distancing have prevented us from hosting and attending in-person events, there are still ways you can be involved in LOTP! In our transition to online programs, we have found opportunities for students who have digital design, editing, and other software skills to participate and volunteer with us. Please contact Life of the Party for more information on how you can be a part of our team!

Paid Internship Opportunities

Check back with us in the Spring for information on how to apply for a paid internship with LOTP!