Pre-Party Prep

Understand…..that responders could be Law Enforcement and or Medical Responders


  • Designate Dedicated Primary Contact before party begins
    • Person comfortable speaking with emergency responders and potentially law enforcement
    • Person will remain on scene until responders arrive
    • Person makes the emergency call
    • Person will stay with student in distress (and will have a phone)


  • Designate Dedicated Secondary Contact before party begins
    • Help remove non-essential persons
    • Evaluate the scene to ensure it is appropriate for responders
    • Secondary person to act as back up and witness for Primary
    • Person will remain on scene until responders arrive
      • Meet Responders at the entrance to guide them to the student in distress
      • Know your Rights! 
      • What can you do to protect yourself 
        Assess the scene and make it appropriate for responders
      • Be familiar with Good Samaritan Policy and UCSB Student Code of Conduct Responsible Action Policy