• Set time limit for yourself.
  • Edit your friend list so you are being exposed to positive influences and to avoid chances of highlight reel syndrome occurring.
  • Be mindful about using as form of distraction or tool for emotionally coping. 
  • Try to avoid using passively( going on and just scrolling mindlessly) and gear your use towards using in a more active manner.
  • Consider carefully what your intentions are when you are posting something? (Is your post doing harm to somebody else or is it helping?)

There are a number of apps that you can install that also help monitor your social media use:

  • Your Hour
  • Quality Time
  • Siempo

Tips to Manage / Stop Gaming

  • Track your use-Write down how many hours per day you spend playing games. The more specific you can get, the better you will be able to take control. It may help to write down how much time you are spending playing various games
  • Set limit and try to stick to it
  • Write down a list of reasons you want to quit gaming or want to reduce your gaming
  • Find replacement activities that satisfy whatever you are getting from game use-If you are finding gaming is an avenue that is allowing you to be creative can you find another way to channel creativity?

  • Reboot! 90 day period of abstinence is proven to be one of the most effective ways to getting gaming under control
  • Challenge friends to stop/ reduce gaming for periods of time
  • Be kind to yourself as you attempt to quit/ reduce. Making changes to any addictive behavior takes work and is not easy, especially when these patterns of behavior have been so deeply ingrained into us for such a long time. Be patient with yourself and compassionate while you attempt to make changes. 

There are a number of apps that can help monitor and regulate your gaming

  • FocusMe
  • Space
  • RealizD