As a faculty, teaching assistants or staff members, you are a key stakeholder in helping to address alcohol and drug use on campus. At times, you will have contact with students whose attitudes or behaviors may cause you concern, discomfort, or interfere in the education of other students. As a faculty or staff member, interacting daily with students, you are in an excellent position to recognize behavior changes in a student with an alcohol and/or drug problem. 

ADP Behavioral Health Therapists offer individual free, confidential counseling and education about alcohol and drugs and other addictive/compulsive behaviors. If you know a student who you believe may be struggling with substance use problem or other addictive behavior, you can suggest that they take a look at the Self-Assessments and/or refer them directly to the UCSB Alcohol & Drug Program.  You can also contact us for a consultation and/or additional information.

CONTACT ADP by email at: or call 805-893-5013.

FOR AFTER HOURS 24/7 SUPPORT contact: UCSB CAPS (Counseling & Psychological Services) at 805-893-4411   

The following are warning signs that a student may have an alcohol and/or drug problem or is at risk of developing one:

  • Cuts classes/drops a class/comes to class late
  • Frequently arrives late for work
  • Makes excuses for poor performance or missing classes
  • Frequently requests extensions/turns in work late or not at all
  • Dramatic decline in academic performance
  • Comes to class with a hangover or high
  • Changes in personality; shifts in moods or emotions
  • Brags about their alcohol or other drug use; conversations are frequently about using
  • Cannot seem to have fun without drinking or using other drugs
  • Loss of motivation or energy
  • Experiences frequent health problems (illness, injury)
  • Spends most of his or her money on drugs or alcohol
  • Frequently passes out or suffers blackouts while drinking
  • Changes in appearance
  • Frequent problems with law enforcement or University authorities (e.g., University Police Department, residence hall staff)

CONTACT ADP by email at: or call 805-893-5013.

FOR AFTER HOURS 24/7 SUPPORT contact: UCSB CAPS (Counseling & Psychological Services) at 805-893-4411  

  1. Encourage students to take a look at the Self-Assessments, or make an individual confidential and free counseling appointment. Generally students benefit from individualized information from our staff. To make an appointment the student can email us or call (805) 893-5013.
  2. Encourage students to volunteer to attend our CASE program. Students usually enjoy the group process and learn important skills to manage their alcohol/drug use or other addictive behaviors. 
  3. Contact us via email or call the Alcohol & Drug Program to consult with a behavioral health therapist if you have concerns about a student and are unsure how to proceed. Call (805) 893-5013.
  4. Refer students to the Life of the Party website and Facebook page. This information is great for students who need a tips on safety and safe socializing.
  5. Refer students to the Recovery Support Services and Gauchos For Recovery. This program is available to students who are in recovery or might be considering a sober lifestyle. There are professional counselors and peer health educators available as well as numerous student-led support groups throughout the week.

If you notice a student displaying any of the warning signs of an alcohol or drug problem, or you suspect that substance use is affecting his or her overall functioning, an alcohol and drug screening is available at Student Health. ADP Behavioral Health Therapists are available to meet with students, screen for problematic use, and refer to services that may benefit the student. You can also offer students these Self-Assessments

Email or call the Alcohol & Drug Program at (805) 893-5013 if you would like to refer a student for this service.